Charter voor de poetshulpsector

Cleaning aid sector charter

Communication is the key that opens the door to mutual respect and leads to a lasting relationship between the household help customer and the household help.

Why this Charter?

  • More than a million families in our country use service checks to pay for cleaning or household help.
  • Numerous household helpers come to customers’ homes every day. For a number of hours, the household help stays in the living environment of the customer who expects an optimal result from the household help present. But many factors can lead to a coexistence not being successful and the expected result not being achieved.

Human-to-human communication to avoid misunderstandings

Communication is a key that opens many doors. Direct dialogue is still the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

You have not hired a robot but a human: talking to each other really helps!

Naturally, the DOME employees are at your service if you are at an impasse.

Build a bridge between two worlds

Your cleaning assistant enters your environment and also wants to respect YOUR habits.

In addition to their own insights and habits, they must also adapt to the diverse and different environments of other customers in which they operate.

It is therefore necessary to be clear about the expectations and to explain where necessary in order to exclude misunderstanding.

Mutual respect and understanding of local customs and cultures

Of course, cultural differences and traditions can be confronting, but just as enriching when viewed with an open mind.

As long as the work is of good qualitaty, cultural differences are something to embrace and give a place to.

Application and follow-up of the administration and procedures with maximum use of the digital possibilities

DOME makes every effort to ensure that the administrative implications of the service provision run as smoothly as possible.

That is why the DOME App was developed that makes life easier for the 3 parties involved and makes communications more streamlined.

Respect for the agreed schedule

Your cleaning aid is financially dependent on you. Any last minute change in planning or not respecting agreements has financial implications for them and can be demotivating.

That is why we like to make clear agreements at the start of our collaboration.

Curbing the upstairs-downstairs syndrome

The upstairs downstairs era belongs, in our region, resolutely to the last century.

Our cleaning assistant is a partner in our domestic organization and equal treatment is self-evident.

Explain your dissatisfaction and make adjustments where necessary

Even if you have expressed your wishes, it is still possible that the follow-up will not go according to your expectations.

Explain the reason for which you are requesting something. Transparency in the exchange of information is important, as is verifying that everything is properly understood.

Only then can adjustments be made with full knowledge of the facts..