A Dome Assistant with you
at home or at the office

Dome Assistance has been at your service since 2006
to appropriately take over the household tasks that you like to hand over.
Both for individuals and companies.


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“We turn your house into a safe home.”

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Cleaning aid sector charter

Communication is the key that opens the door to mutual respect and leads to a lasting relationship between the household help customer and the household help. Why this Charter? ...

Dome Assistance continues on the path of unburdening its employees and promotes quality in household help

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Recognized service voucher company with an eye for ecology and climate

Our company has been fully committed to electronic service checks from day one. Such checks are not only better for the environment, but the system is also much easier and also very user-friendly. We also have a very handy app that makes communication between customer and Dome Assistant smoother. Dome Assistance was a trendsetter in this regard in 2016 and remains the absolute leader in digitization in the sector until today with, among other things, still the most complete APP on the market for household help and professional cleaning.

Quality and Continuity

Our Dome Assistants are selected and screened with the greatest care. We look for the perfect match between our household helpers and our customers.

Professional and meticulous

We also refer to our Dome Assistants as the “household managers”. Because we know that they end up in our clients’ private homes, we select very precisely on specific qualities. In addition to empathy and discretion, they must also be able to show respect for the often very different habits of the environment of the customers they end up with. From the moment of recruitment, we also have an eye for this in order to maximize the chances of sustainable and respectful cooperation.

At home or at work 

In addition to performing household tasks in the private homes of customers, our Dome Assistants also guarantee a perfect service of maintenance and cleaning of company buildings, co-properties, holiday homes, weekly, biweekly and one-off assignments are possible and we are happy to make a no-obligation offer for this, don’t hesitate to contact us.


At your place

Dome Assistance is happy to help you according to your wishes with the household tasks in and around the home: cleaning, ironing, cooking and even shopping.

At the office

A professional team of cleaners is ready to keep your professional and commercial areas spotless.

During your absence

We also help you at home when you are absent for a longer period. SOS Housekeeping takes care of your home, even when you are not there.

SOS Dome Assistance

Need immediate help? Via our emergency service SOS Dome Assistant, we make every effort to send you a household help within 48 hours.


Communication is the key that opens the door to mutual respect and leads to a lasting relationship between the household help customer and the household help.

Dome Assistance APP

Dome APP

Dome Assistance was recently the first to launch a fully-fledged service check app in the sector. Completely FREE! With this app you have the ultimate convenience wherever you are; you can also control everything from your workplace or while traveling.
  • Complete visibility over the entire planning that has been set up for you
  • Manage and change schedules via the Dome app
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Dome Assistance is a recognized service voucher company that was founded in 2006. Quality and continuity are the missions this company stands for. The regional presence ensures an optimal link between customer and household help. Respect and trust are a common thread in the service. The extensive automation guarantees that "people", either as a customer or as an employee, play a crucial role.

Erika Tuypens, CEO Dome Assistance
Erika Tuypens